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Beauty Revue and Class Awards

Beauty Revue and Class Awards
Laine Williams

Congrats to all of our 2022-23 Award Winners from Monday night! 

Class Favorites:
Freshmen: Sarah Johnson and Ahmad Hall 
Sophomore: Sheridan Shipp and Kyson Floyd
Junior: Lamiah Hoey and Jeremiah Vaughn
Senior: Kaliyah Smith and Jahadius Walker 

Senior Superlatives:
Best All Around: Angie Mai and Jake Brawner 
Best School Spirit: Anna Hudson and Parker LeGoff 
Cutest: Maggie Green and Hayes Crozier 
Friendliest: Gracie Laird and Jahadius Walker 
Most Athletic: America Aguilar and Chris Rodgers
Most Dependable: Angie Mai and Brooks Pratt
Most Likely to Succeed: Catherine Grisham and Will Senf
Most Talented: Maris Richardson and Jay Cummings 
Wittest: Dekivion Bosman and Brodee Lafever 

Mr. and Miss CHS: Chris Rodgers and Pierce Peterson 

Beauty Revue:
Most Beautiful: Maggie Green
Beauties: Pierce Peterson, Nealy Welch, Allison Wigginton and Gracie Laird
Most Handsome: Jake Brawner